Influencing Factors of Anti - static Fabrics

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简介:The development of today's society, making anti-static fabric has become a very common demand, and anti-static fabric in a variety of forms, such as ultra-clean anti-static fabric, to abandon the trad ...
The development of today's society, making anti-static fabric has become a very common demand, and anti-static fabric in a variety of forms, such as ultra-clean anti-static fabric, to abandon the traditional style of anti-static denim, anti-static effect High-density high-density anti-static fabrics, etc., the development of these fabrics for our provide a more secure life and work environment. Greatly promoted our social development.
Static electricity is a source of near-field hazards, the harm caused by human well-known, small to casual life in the static strike, large industrial production hazards. Static electricity exists in the invisible, attached to the surface of the object, and other objects in the friction or contact will release energy. With the development of science and technology, more and more workplaces, especially microelectronics and semiconductor production, biopharmaceutical, medical, optical clean room or anti-static occasions, if not timely eliminate static electricity, it is easy to cause the original failure, explosion , Fire and other hazards. In order to prevent these measures, requiring staff wearing dust, anti-static overalls is an inevitable trend.
Effect of the Interference Distance of Conductive Wire on the Properties of Antistatic Fabrics.
With the increase of the spacing between the conductive filaments, the meridional charge density and the zonal point and density have a tendency to decrease, that is to say, with the decrease of the spacing of the conductive filaments, the charge density is increasing either in the warp direction or in the zonal direction. Big.
Effect of warp and weft density on properties of anti - static fabric
Added to the electrical death of the fabric, point-to-point resistance to meet A-level anti-static clothing requirements. When the conductive yarns are equal, the antistatic property of the fabric is related to the warp and weft density of the fabric. With the increase of warp, weft and density, the charge density of the fabric increases with the increase of the latitude and the point resistance. Of the anti-static performance has improved.
Influence of Conductive Wires Arrangement on the Properties of Antistatic Fabrics
Conductive wire called grid-like arrangement, compared with the strip arrangement. The content of conductive filaments in the unit area increases, the ability of collecting the electrostatic charge on the surface of the fabric increases, the resistance decreases, and the antistatic property of the fabric is improved.
In summary, the following conclusions
1 in the warp and weft density of the fabric is not the case, the fabric anti-static properties and types of fabrics related to the composition of pure polyester, cotton and viscose fibers to join, but also help to improve the fabric charge density and reduce the point-to-point resistance , To improve the fabric anti-static properties.
2 in the fabric of the same density difference between the latitude and longitude, with the conductive wire spacing of the early countries it, the fabric conductivity decreases.
3 in the same fabric conductive wire spacing, grid-like arrangement than the strip arrangement is more favorable and improve the fabric's antistatic properties.

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