How to Differentiate Anti - static Fabric Grade?

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简介:The development of anti-static fabric gave birth to a variety of specifications, types of anti-static fabric. We can these anti-static fabric can be broadly divided into three categories.1. The first ...

The development of anti-static fabric gave birth to a variety of specifications, types of anti-static fabric. We can these anti-static fabric can be broadly divided into three categories.

1. The first anti-static fabric is mixed with ordinary fabric conductive fiber, this anti-static fabric because it is not affected by the environment, is now generally accepted and recognized. The anti-static performance of the antistatic fabric is divided into the conductive component homogeneous type, the conductive component covering type, the conductive component compound type and the conductive component in the fiber, such as the kind of the conductive fiber and the conductive metal, graphite, Mixed four. Other composite conductive fibers containing conductive components such as carbon black and graphite can be directly used for weaving filaments, and a conductive filament is embedded in the warp at regular intervals (e.g., about 1.5 cm) to obtain a good anti- Static effect, is currently used to weave anti-static clothing the best conductive fiber.

 2. The second kind of antistatic fabric is the addition of antistatic agent such as phosphate ester, sulfonate or the like to the inside of the polyester fiber or the nylon fiber, or the third monomer is introduced to obtain the durable antistatic fiber. Most of the anti-static agent of the additive is a surfactant which reacts or decomposes in the case of alkali. , Aseptic clothing, can also be used for civilian clothing.

3. The third kind of anti-static fabric is the choice of antistatic agent fabric fabric fiber finishing, after padding, baking and attached to the fabric surface, the fabric has a certain anti-static effect. At present, only for ordinary clothing to remove clothing adsorption body, spark discharge, ash and other common electrostatic phenomena.

Anti-static fabric of different categories, suitable for different working environment, the main basis for the protection of static electricity standards, so not necessarily what kind of anti-static fabric is the best choice of the most appropriate anti-static fabric is the best.


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