The choice of outdoor sports fabric

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简介:Outdoor sports clothing and home clothing although there is no essential difference, but because of outdoor and sports these two characteristics, the clothing requirements are relatively more stringen ...

Outdoor sports clothing and home clothing although there is no essential difference, but because of outdoor and sports these two characteristics, the clothing requirements are relatively more stringent and harsh. Professional outdoor sports clothing such as Chong Fengfu mainly for mountain climbing, skiing and other alpine movement in terms of. Outdoor sports in addition to the physical and technical requirements of the participants themselves, but also need outdoor clothing can adapt to harsh weather and complex geographical environment to protect the safety of athletes.

Outdoor sports heat, sweat evaporation and more requirements for clothing cooling and ventilation performance is good, the field will inevitably encounter rain and snow fog, clothing must have a waterproof performance, outdoor sports want to minimize the weight, clothing to try to light, wild wind, Alpine cold, high wind and warm performance requirements, outdoor washing conditions are limited, clothing anti-bacterial deodorant and anti-stain requirements, field operations rock climbing through the forest, clothing requires a good tensile and tear resistance ... ... These properties Of the requirements from the perspective of textile technology is very harsh, and even many indicators are conflicting. Any single natural or chemical fiber can not meet these requirements, only through a variety of fiber composite and multi-channel chemical finishing to try to achieve these functions.


1, warmth:


Although the warmth is closely related with the thickness of the fabric, but the outdoor sports clothing does not allow too heavy, so it is necessary to keep warm and lightweight only in line with the special requirements of outdoor sports clothing. The most common method is to add synthetic fibers such as polyester fiber containing chrome oxide, magnesium oxide, zirconia and other special ceramic powder, in particular nano-ceramic powder, it can absorb sunlight and other visible light and convert it into Thermal energy, but also reflect the body's own far-infrared emission, and therefore has excellent insulation, thermal storage performance. Of course, far-infrared ceramic powder, adhesive and cross-linking agent can be prepared into finishing agent, the woven fabric coating, and then drying and baking process, the nano-ceramic powder attached to the fabric surface and yarn between. This finishing agent emits a wavelength of 8 ~ 14μm far-infrared, but also has antibacterial, deodorant, and promote blood circulation and other health care functions.


In addition, according to the principle of bionics, with reference to the structure of the polar bear's wool to polyester fibers made of porous hollow inside, so that the fiber contains a large number of non-circulation of air, the external spiral curl shape to maintain the fluffy, can guarantee the texture of the premise of light Under the role of a good insulation. Of course, the clothes and even fabric are made of double or even three layers, so that the increase in air circulation is not the most traditional one of the thermal measures.


2, waterproof and moisture permeability:


Games distributed a lot of sweat, and outdoor and inevitably encounter wind and rain, which in itself is a contradiction: it should be able to prevent rain and snow soaked, but also in time to emit the body


Jinlan recommended waterproof and breathable products (PTFE film, TPU film) as the preferred fabric for outdoor sports, whether waterproof or warm breathable performance, are the best choice, can be used as a variety of outdoor sports clothing waterproof layer, also Can be used for field equipment, such as camping tent waterproof layer. The main specifications are: JLFT11-01 anti-static peach skin + PTFE film.


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