GILDLAND to participate in fourth Shanghai dual-use technology conference

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简介:Fourth Shanghai civil and military dual-use technology promotion conference will be held with the 2016.11.17-18 Expo in Shanghai Exhibition for a period of two days.2016 of the fourth Shanghai dual-us ...

2016 of the fourth Shanghai dual-use technology promotion conference is organized by the State Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology, the competent departments, the Shanghai Municipal People's government, Shanghai City Commission for national defense mobilization, military units and related support group, by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Commission by letter and other departments hosted the summit. Since 2010 has been successfully held three sessions, there have been 39 generals and provincial leaders attended the meeting, through the forum, special docking, cooperation signing, exhibition and other military cooperation to build communication platform, promote two-way transformation and technological achievements, create a good people in the collaborative innovation ecosystem, has been based in Shanghai, facing the country to lead the east to promote civil military integration of the landmark event. At the same time the military version of Shanghai dual-use technology achievements show the characteristics and highlights of each session, with a strong professional, good display, audience wide, high attention to the distinctive features. Focusing on the technical field of civil military integration, and showcase the latest scientific and technological achievements; exhibition project through the related technical field of experts, fully reflect the level of technology and unique; directly facing the technology and products of potential applications, caused by military leaders, military, research institutes and enterprises pay attention to comprehensive use of conference proceedings; and the real exhibition, explanation, demonstration, practice and other means to promote the circulation of multimedia, the full range of key propaganda organization.

GILDLAND technology as a professional functional fabric manufacturers, with decades of weaving experience. Strong scientific research, production inspection means advanced, and has the right to import and export. ISO9001-2008 and ISO4001-2004 certification. Gildland technology professional production and sale of anti-static series, fireproof series, flame retardant series, oil and water repellent and three series, anti acid series, ordinary clothing and accessories etc.. Show the best products to exhibitors.

GILDLAND science and technology wish fourth Shanghai dual-use technology to promote the success of the conference.
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