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High-density high-density anti-static fabric

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摘要: High-density high-density anti-static fabricFirst, the product anti-static performance Description:Specifications: JCVC (C60 / T40) 80/2 * 80/2 133 * 80 149CMImplementation of standards:Fabric meet: ...

High-density high-density anti-static fabric
First, the product anti-static performance Description:
Specifications: JCVC (C60 / T40) 80/2 * 80/2 133 * 80 149CM
Implementation of standards:
Fabric meet: "GB12014-2009 anti-static overalls" standard B-class

Anti-static products: the use of new conductive wire (imported from Japan spinning black silk) woven from the most anti-static fabric. Dyeing in line with: combed polyester-cotton blended dyeing cloth "GB / T5326-2009".
Gray cloth: combed polyester cotton blended color cloth "GB / T5325-2009".
Second, the product specifications and use:
Specifications: JCVC (C60 / T40) 80/2 * 80/2 133 * 80 149CM
  With cotton: latitude and longitude: 60% polyester combed cotton 40%.
  Yarn: 80/2 to the branch, the latitude to 80/2 branch
  Density: warp 150/1 inch, 100 weft / 1 inch.
  Width: 148 ± 2cm.
  Conductive wire weaving way: intertwined.
  Fabric dyeing: the use of imported dyes, scattered / Shihlin dyeing, fastness, and environmental protection.
  Fabric features: The fabric is light, comfortable, has a good permeability. Suitable for summer fabrics.
  The fabric has good durability anti-static performance, while a dust-proof, washable, resistant to dry cleaning and so on. Applicable to petroleum, chemical, electronics, coal and other industries.





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