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  • New standard anti-static fabric

    New standard anti-static fabricAnti-static fabric is the use of new conductive fiber and cotton fiber through advanced spinning equipment and weaving process, and after dyeing and finishing, sub-cotto ...
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  • High-density high-density anti-static fabric

    High-density high-density anti-static fabricFirst, the product anti-static performance Description:Specifications: JCVC (C60 / T40) 80/2 * 80/2 133 * 80 149CMImplementation of standards:Fabric meet: ...
    分类: 1429 0
  • Anti-static Lane silk

    Anti-static silkAnti-static silk with polyester and high-performance permanent conductive fibers made by a special process weaving. The fabric has the characteristics of high efficiency, permanent ant ...
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  • Anti-static coated PTFE membrane

    Anti-static + PTFE composite fabric is a special process I will PTFE composite membrane in the anti-static fabric on the back, so that anti-static fabric with waterproof and breathable at the same tim ...
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  • Anti-static fabric

    Anti-static series of products is the use of new conductive wire (or metal fiber blended yarn) woven anti-static fabric, cotton, polyester cotton, chemical fiber three categories. Conductive wire (yar ...
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  • Anti - static new standard cowboy

    Anti - static new standard cowboyShaanxi Jin Lan Technology Co., Ltd. Static Control Products:Implementation of standards:Fabric meet: "GB12014-2009 anti-static overalls" standard B-class.Fabric, ...
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