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  • Anti infrared camouflage

    The product uses the latest anti infrared technology, so that the fabric has a special anti infrared characteristics, while washing resistance, high strength and other characteristics.A pure cotton fa ...
    分类: 1505 0
  • Waterproof and breathable products (PTFE, TPU film)

    The fabric uses a variety of fabric composite PTFE, TPU waterproof breathable film, the fabric has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability, can produce a variety of protective clothing waterpro ...
    分类: 1653 0
  • Electromagnetic wave shielding products

    The fabric is made of 3 M-7 m special metal fiber and textile fiber blend made of high-tech anti electromagnetic fabric.With good electromagnetic shielding effect, at the same time with washing, antib ...
    分类: 1568 0
  • Oil and water repellent and three anti-series products

    The fabric using the latest fluorine-containing finishing agent with a special process from finishing, with excellent resistance to oil, water repellent, anti-fouling properties and excellent washabil ...
    分类: 1667 0
  • Easy to clean, wash and antibacterial series

    (1) easy decontamination fabricThe fabric is easy detergent finishing, anti fouling and easy decontamination has dual functions, namely in the use of the process is not easy to be oil stain, once the ...
    分类: 1621 0
  • Anti ultraviolet series

    The fabric is made of ordinary fabric with the latest anti UV finishing and finished covering rate of more than 80%, can effectively prevent the invasion and damage of ultraviolet radiation on the hum ...
    分类: 1371 0
  • Anti-acid-base fabric series

    The fabric is the use of imported finishing agent with a special treatment process to make the fabric surface can be repelled, tolerant of acid media damage, both to achieve the purpose of anti-acid a ...
    分类: 1034 0
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