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  • Permanent flame retardant fabric

    Permanent flame retardant fabric made of permanent flame retardant fiber, including flame retardant viscose, flame retardant polyester and acrylic fiber, with permanent flame retardant effect, flame r ...
    分类:FR series   988 0
  • Aramid coated fabric

    1, raw materials: 100% aramid coating, combustion does not produce toxic and harmful gases, environmentally friendly products.2, features: A, does not destroy the original fabric softness;B, can be pa ...
    分类:FR series   821 0
  • Aramid sewing thread and accessories

    (1) aramid fiber 1313 (1414) flame retardant sewing thread. With 32S, 40S, 45S single yarn and strand.(2) aramid fiber blended knitted caps: A. aramid 1313:180 ~ -220 g/ m; B.50% aramid fiber 1313, 50 ...
    分类:FR series   1041 0
  • Aramid and its blended products covered with aluminum foil fabric

    The fabric is made of flame retardant fabric and insulation reflective film, reflective heat temperature and fire prevention requirements according to the different choices of substrate and heat insul ...
    分类:FR series   853 0
  • Aramid knitted fabric

    The fabric is made of aramid blended yarn, with high strength, wear resistance, excellent high-temperature resistance, flame retardant performance and soft and comfortable. The fabrics are widely used ...
    分类:FR series   869 0
  • Aramid camouflage fabric

    The fabric of aramid fiber blended fabric, anti infrared camouflage printed. Anti infrared camouflage pattern and performance can be designed according to customer requirements processing. The fabric ...
    分类:FR series   873 0
  • Aramid 1414 knitted napped fabrics

    The fabric with aramid yarn. 1414, with high strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to high temperature (instantaneous 500 degrees Celsius), fire resistance, negative - b ...
    分类:FR series   579 0
  • Aramid / viscose blended fabric

    The fabric is composed of aramid fiber and flame retardant viscose blended together, with a soft hand, good fluffy, drape, moisture permeability and high strength, wear resistance, good surface finish ...
    分类:FR series   613 0
  • Aramid IIIA fabric

    Aramid IIIA fabric using a new generation of high-tech aramid fiber 1313/ aramid 1414/ conductive fiber blended with 93%/5%/2% ratio, with high strength, tear resistance, wear resistance, excellent hi ...
    分类:FR series   588 0
  • Aramid fiber non woven coated fabric

    The material is composed of PTFE, TPU and aramid flame-retardant high-temperature composite materials, has good flame retardant, waterproof, moisture permeability, waterproof and heat insulation layer ...
    分类:FR series   563 0
  • Bed and Hotel Textiles series

    Including all kinds of towels, quilt, sheets and other accessories.Textile for student apartmentQuilt cover, pillowcases, sheets, fabric mainly for: C30 x 3068 x 68, C30 x 3075 x 75 x 2060 x 60 or C20 ...
    分类:Bedding article   907 0
  • Anti ultraviolet series

    The fabric is made of ordinary fabric with the latest anti UV finishing and finished covering rate of more than 80%, can effectively prevent the invasion and damage of ultraviolet radiation on the hum ...
    分类:Other Fabric   842 0
  • General apparel fabrics and accessories

    All kinds of cotton, polyester cotton, chemical fiber and blended (fine cloth, poplin, fangyubu, twill, canvas etc.) fabric, dyeing cloth, printed cloth.Main specifications: JLPT-05-01 T/C 45×45 133 ...
    分类:Face accessories   574 0
  • Anti-acid-base fabric series

    The fabric is the use of imported finishing agent with a special treatment process to make the fabric surface can be repelled, tolerant of acid media damage, both to achieve the purpose of anti-acid a ...
    分类:Other Fabric   709 0
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