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  • Anti infrared camouflage

    The product uses the latest anti infrared technology, so that the fabric has a special anti infrared characteristics, while washing resistance, high strength and other characteristics.A pure cotton fa ...
    分类:Other Fabric   1415 0
  • New standard anti-static fabric

    New standard anti-static fabricAnti-static fabric is the use of new conductive fiber and cotton fiber through advanced spinning equipment and weaving process, and after dyeing and finishing, sub-cotto ...
    分类:Anti-static fabric   1464 0
  • High-density high-density anti-static fabric

    High-density high-density anti-static fabricFirst, the product anti-static performance Description:Specifications: JCVC (C60 / T40) 80/2 * 80/2 133 * 80 149CMImplementation of standards:Fabric meet: ...
    分类:Anti-static fabric   1339 0
  • Anti-static Lane silk

    Anti-static silkAnti-static silk with polyester and high-performance permanent conductive fibers made by a special process weaving. The fabric has the characteristics of high efficiency, permanent ant ...
    分类:Anti-static fabric   1375 0
  • Anti-static coated PTFE membrane

    Anti-static + PTFE composite fabric is a special process I will PTFE composite membrane in the anti-static fabric on the back, so that anti-static fabric with waterproof and breathable at the same tim ...
    分类:Anti-static fabric   1515 0
  • Anti-static fabric

    Anti-static series of products is the use of new conductive wire (or metal fiber blended yarn) woven anti-static fabric, cotton, polyester cotton, chemical fiber three categories. Conductive wire (yar ...
    分类:Anti-static fabric   1439 0
  • Anti - static new standard cowboy

    Anti - static new standard cowboyShaanxi Jin Lan Technology Co., Ltd. Static Control Products:Implementation of standards:Fabric meet: "GB12014-2009 anti-static overalls" standard B-class.Fabric, ...
    分类:Anti-static fabric   1447 0
  • Waterproof and breathable products (PTFE, TPU film)

    The fabric uses a variety of fabric composite PTFE, TPU waterproof breathable film, the fabric has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability, can produce a variety of protective clothing waterpro ...
    分类:Other Fabric   1563 0
  • Electromagnetic wave shielding products

    The fabric is made of 3 M-7 m special metal fiber and textile fiber blend made of high-tech anti electromagnetic fabric.With good electromagnetic shielding effect, at the same time with washing, antib ...
    分类:Other Fabric   1485 0
  • Oil and water repellent and three anti-series products

    The fabric using the latest fluorine-containing finishing agent with a special process from finishing, with excellent resistance to oil, water repellent, anti-fouling properties and excellent washabil ...
    分类:Other Fabric   1571 0
  • Easy to clean, wash and antibacterial series

    (1) easy decontamination fabricThe fabric is easy detergent finishing, anti fouling and easy decontamination has dual functions, namely in the use of the process is not easy to be oil stain, once the ...
    分类:Other Fabric   1533 0
  • Fire blanket

    Fire blanket1 nonwoven feltNonwoven felt includes aramid 1414 fire felt, aramid 1414/ pre oxidized fiber blended felt, pre oxygen chemical fiber felt. Can be used to produce chemical fire or electrica ...
    分类:Industrial fire products   941 0
  • Plastic fireproof plate (FM soft fire)

    Plastic fireproof plate (FM soft fire)By adding special flame retardant components made of rubber into the film or sheet material, soft, wear-resistant, tear resistant, flame retardant, heat-resistant ...
    分类:Industrial fire products   953 0
  • Durable flame retardant finish fabric

    Durable flame retardant series products are made of cotton fabric by flame retardant finishing, has good flame retardant performance, in case of fire only carbonization, does not spread away from the ...
    分类:FR series   1392 0
  • Non durable flame retardant finish fabric

    The fabric is made of cotton, polyester or polyester fabrics made of flame retardant finishing, flame retardant properties of flame retardant fabrics with GB17591-2006 "B1" level requirements, goo ...
    分类:FR series   1301 0
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